News & Events

We like to share some of the things that the children have been doing at nursery in our News and Events pages. We hope that you enjoy reading our stories and looking at the pictures. The children really love seeing their pictures published too! 

When I grow up .....

We like to introduce the children to local businesses and show them about some of the different things that people do in their working lives. To do this we sometimes we arrange a visit out into the community for example to visit the local bakery, a dentist and the library. We also have a Special Day programme here we invite people in to talk about what they do.  

As part of the programme, on Friday 24th April we had a visit from George’s grandmother and grandfather who came along to talk about their jobs. Georg'e Grandmother is a paramedic and she talked about what ! It was really exciting as she let the children try out some of her equipment - they particularly enjoyed wrapping each other up in bandages! They asked some really interesting questions about what a paramedic does and what things she enjoyed about her job.

After all of that excitement it was time to stand in line and play by the rules as George’s granddad took us out into the garden and talked to us about his career as a referee! There were whistles, flags and red and yellow cards – we were certainly on our best behaviour! The children really enjoyed this - especially blowing the whistles! 

We will let you know who we are planning to invite in next - and please feel free to send us any suggestions that you have.