News & Events

We like to share some of the things that the children have been doing at nursery in our News and Events pages. We hope that you enjoy reading our stories and looking at the pictures. The children really love seeing their pictures published too! 

Bristol Boys Achievement Project

Once Upon a Time has been invited to take part in a major new study of boys' early years development. Our focus is the promotion of literacy in the setting and home learning. we have introduced Book Bears to take home along with many other changes in the setting that have enhanced children's literacy skills. Our findings will be posted on Bristol Early Years Research website ( for other settings to learn from.

Led by Toni and Charlie who have shown hugely impressive levels of subject knowledge, application and, most importantly, dedication to delivering the practices they believe in, our nursery was showcased in a video interview which was shown on the big screen at the annual Nursery World Conference in London in February 2018, at which Toni and Charlie represented us in person.

We are committed to delivering top quality childcare and we value collaborative working with the council, other settings and the children and familes who attend Once Upon a Time.