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Butterflies: under 2s

Butterflies (under 2s) are cared for in our bright and welcoming self-contained baby rooms. Set away from the noisier areas of the nursery these rooms can offer a peaceful haven when quiet is required.

As well as our cosy, home from home indoor area, we also have a well equipped garden. We make sure that our under 2s spend plenty of time playing out of doors. They are also taken for walks in their pushchairs around the local neighbourhood or to the park.

Wherever appropriate our little ones are invited to share in activities with the older children. This makes for a fun, sociable environment and really helps with the children's development.

Max's Diary

When I arrive at the nursery I head straight for the sand pit. I sit down and start pushing the wooden cars around while my dad tells my carer Natalie how I’ve been. When daddy calls good bye I look up, smile and wave.

Snack time  

Time for a healthy snack so I sit at the table with my friends. I choose my water beaker and have some yummy fruit and some Organix finger foods; banana rice cakes - my favourite!

Making music

I spot the musical instruments, walk over to them and pick up a shaker. I get very excited as I can make lots of noise and I like the sounds the different instruments make. My carers notice that I am interested in the instruments and plan a group activity. We play some lively nursery songs and dance and shake the shakers and sing along - it's noisy fun!

Outdoor playtime

We’re out in the garden and there’s lots to do. I can’t decide if I want to go on the slides, play with the push along toys or with the cars - so I run around and spend time exploring before deciding on the cars. One of my favourite things is to spin the wheels round and round.

Food and snooze 

At lunch time I enjoy eating with my friends. We all have our own placemats which our bowls stick to, so we can feed ourselves with a spoon or fork - and Natalie helps me if I get stuck.

Then it’s time for a sleep; Natalie has helped me learn to sleep on a mat instead of in a cot. That's because I am a big boy and I am getting ready to move on to 'Cubs'. The sleep room is quiet and the calm music helps me nod off quickly. 

When iI wake up it's time for a nappy change. Natalie hands me my new nappy to hold and talks to me about what she is doing. When she asks me for the new nappy I hand it to her and she says I am so helpful!

Peek a boo in the garden 

In the afternoon we have some more time in the garden and I enjoy playing peek a boo in the play house with my friends - it's really funny and makes me laugh.

We have had lots of fresh air and so we go back inside - so we all climb or crawl back up the stairs to our rooms. Some grown ups are making our tea. It smells very tasty - today is my favourite - pasta bolognese with cheese sprinkled on top! After tea, with my tummy full, I go and look at the books in the book basket. I pull out some that are fun to touch and squeeze and I show Natalie what I’ve found.

Time to go home 

We go downstairs to join the rest of the children who are waiting for their mummies and daddies. They have the big bugs out from their bug hunt and so I examine them. Then I hear the doorbell - I turn to see who it is - it's my mummy! I get up and run to her for a big cuddle. Natalie tells mummy what I’ve spent the day doing and gives her a daily report sheet showing what I have eaten and how much time I have slept. I give Natalie a big smile and wave as mummy carries me out. 

What the parents say

“Prachi loves to go to the nursery. She has a great time doing different activities like play dough, building models or making bread and much more.”

Prachi's mum

“The staff are all friendly and caring and there is a safe, friendly and welcoming atmosphere at the nursery.”

Mr and Mrs Male

“The nursery is great, the staff are wonderful with my son, especially through the settling in period. He loves nursery.”

S. White