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Lions: Pre-school

When your child turns 3 they will join our pre-school group. It is in this group that we prepare your child for their transition to school.

The pre-school day is very similar to that of the cubs, but with more structure. We have 2 full time qualified pre-school teachers who leads the pre-school curriculum.

Our nursery is registered with Bristol City Council to receive Childcare vouchers for pre-school age children.

Daniel's Diary

When I arrive at nursery with my mummy she tells Becki that I have been a good boy at home and says "Have a lovely day". I go into the classroom and hang my coat on my hook. Then I go to the table with the bugs and magnifying glasses on. I love looking at the bugs and seeing them up close!

A healthy breakfast!

I sit at the table with my friends and have slices of apple and orange with a bowl of cornflakes and a glass of milk. Then Becki asks us to get our coats and hats on so we can go and play in the garden. She said that exercising helps our bones to get stronger and helps us to grow. We also learn new things like spacial awareness and social skills.

Learning our letters! 

We go back inside to start our group activity where we learn new skills and experience new things. Today we were practicing our handwriting and learning to sound out letters. Tomorrow we will extend our interests and I can’t wait – mine are bugs and cars!!

Later we join up with the other children to make one big group. We can enjoy a story or practice exploring sounds with musical instruments. It can get very noisy but it’s fun to learn as a group!

Lunch and some chill-out time 

Lunch is served at 11.30 - first we have to wash our hands. Becki tells us it’s important to make sure our hands are nice and clean as germs can make us poorly. Today we have slow cooked lamb with vegetables and cous-cous. It is delicious and I eat all of it!  For pudding we have natural yogurt and honey. We have something different for lunch every day and it’s all healthy and good for our tummies. At 12.30 we lie down on mattresses for a rest - it has been a very busy morning and we need some time to relax and reflect on our day so far. I like this part of the day as I’ve been running around and I’m a tired boy!

An obstacle course with hoops and flags

After a while we get up and put the beds away and get ready to go back out into the garden. Outside we make an obstacle course using hoops and bikes and tunnels and flags! It's a lot of fun! We finish playing in the garden and come back inside to enjoy some freeplay. I choose to play with the Little Lego with my friends. 

Tea time 

At 3.45 we wash our hands again ready for tea. It's my favourite, chilli and rice, and it is delicious! I sit with my friends and talk about pirates the whole time.

After tea I go into the garden and play chase with Harry and What’s the Time Mr Wolf with the grown ups. When it gets too cold we go back inside and play with playdough and with the construction set until mummy comes to pick me up! She chats to Becki about my day while I say good bye to my friends! Mummy says Becki was really pleased with my progress today so she is going to reward me by making pizzas with me and my sisters when we get home -Yessss! 

What the parents say

“The nursery is great, the staff are wonderful with my son, especially through the settling in period. He loves nursery.”

S. White

“We are grateful to the nursery and the staff for their hard work and care. Our eldest son enjoyed preschool at Once Upon a Time and benefited from their support when moving into reception and starting school. We have been delighted with recent improvements; better communication between nursery and home, parents' evenings, and trips to the local park. Our youngest son enjoys his time at nursery and is very happy there, thanks to all the staff.”

R. Watson

“When the children smile and laugh on their way into nursery we are confident that they enjoy going to Once Upon a Time.”

S. Mitchell