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When your little one joins us we make sure that we know all about your daily routine at home so that we can follow this in the nursery.

A key person is assigned to your baby and they will take the time to talk with you and keep you up to date with what your baby has been up to. A daily diary will also help keep you informed.

Qualified, experienced carers look after our babies and each little one receives plenty of individual care and attention. Our self-contained baby rooms are bright and welcoming. Set apart from the noisier areas of the nursery they afford a peaceful haven when quiet is required.

Every opportunity is taken for our babies to spend time out of doors. They are also taken for walks in their pushchairs around the local neighbourhood. Wherever appropriate the little ones are invited to share in activities with the other children. This not only makes for a fun, sociable environment but also really helps with their learning and development. 

Lizzie's Diary

My day at nursery starts when I am greeted by my key person Laura. I have cuddles while mummy tells her how I’ve been and about changes to my routine. We play while we wait for my friends to arrive and I enjoy spending time in the black and white corner exploring the sensory toys like the brush basket, the mirrored pebbles and rattles.

Time for a healthy snack and my older friends are enjoying some yummy fruit. I’ve just started trying solid foods and Laura offers me different things to taste and try. 

Time for a snooze 

After my snack I enjoy a cuddle and a bottle of milk. If I fall asleep Laura puts me gently into my cot in the sleep room. The soft music playing quietly in the background is lovely and soothing.

After my sleep I’m ready to play again, I get very excited about playing in the sand. I show my enjoyment by waving my arms and kicking my legs. Then I see the ball pool and want to to have a go in it, my carers notice and help me.

Playing in the garden  

When we go outside for a play in the garden I sit on a comfy rug surrounded by lots of toys. I’m very interested in the activity centre but it's just out of reach. Laura sees this and encourages me to reach out to touch it; she praises me and claps when I manage to get it. Then it's time for a group activity which is specially planned around things we like; one of my friends is very interested in the bubbles so we get them out. I watch the bubbles float around and put my hand out to catch one - and get a surprise when it pops and disappears!

Lunch with my friends 

Its lunch time and when I see my friends enjoying their lunch I get very excited and am keen to join in. I’ve just started trying 'lumpy food' and my lunch is made especially for me - yummy!

An afternoon nap 

After lunch it’s time for a nappy change and Laura talks and sings to me while she does this which I really enjoy. I like ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’ and smile when it’s sung. Then I have another snooze but this time I don't want to sleep in a cot so I stay in the bouncy chair, cuddle my blanket and snuggle down in a quiet area. 

Listen to me making a noise!    

I am playing with the Small World Noah’s Ark and make lots of noise dropping the animals into the wooden ark and banging them together. I share my enjoyment by babbling loudly and the grown ups laugh and say "What a loud noise!" They hand me different animals and tell me what they are...maybe one day I'll say these words!

Time for tea  

I sit in my Bumbo in a circle with my friends and enjoy my tea - Laura says it's home cooked and healthy - and it's pureed just the way I like it. I like sitting with my friends and we have fun babbling to each other. It will soon be time to to go home but before then we have some free play so I spend some time practicing rolling from front to back and back again. Laura puts my favourite toys just within touching distance ... I push myself over and reach it - yes! I show my pleasure by kicking my legs and excitedly babbling and Laura gives me lots of praise.

Home time 

When Mummy arrives to pick me up I’m getting tired - it's been another busy day at nursery. Laura tells mummy what I've been doing during the day and gives her a daily report sheet to take home and show daddy. I wave and leave with a big smile. I am really looking forward to my next visit to nursery!

What the parents say

“We are grateful to the nursery and the staff for their hard work and care. Our eldest son enjoyed preschool at Once Upon a Time and benefited from their support when moving into reception and starting school. We have been delighted with recent improvements; better communication between nursery and home, parents' evenings, and trips to the local park. Our youngest son enjoys his time at nursery and is very happy there, thanks to all the staff.”

R. Watson

“One of the best decisions I made was to send Kyra to Once Upon a Time. I only wish I had found you sooner, everyone is so lovely and friendly.”

Sarah Bonas

“The staff are all friendly and caring and there is a safe, friendly and welcoming atmosphere at the nursery.”

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