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Cubs: under 3s

Our “Cubs” make the big leap downstairs where they join the older children. They are given the opportunity to experience a variety of activities throughout the day, including; art, cookery, messy play, music and singing, dressing up, role play and computer skills! Somehow we manage some down time for resting as well!

We have a number of different rooms available for use helping to create a real home from home style environment. We also make sure that plenty of time is spent out of doors in our garden play area - in all weather conditions.

We often have whole of nursery 'get-togethers' for stories and other activities such as singing and percussion, music and movement or drama. We also arrange for entertainers to visit and organise frequent outings for example to local parks or to the zoo or the theatre.

Maria's Diary

When I arrive at nursery I go straight into the messy room. I can see the bottles of paint on the table and some shiny glitter. I look at Mummy and she says goodbye. My carer Becca gives me a cuddle and tells me we will be going to the shops to buy the ingredients to make playdough. That makes me happy because I love going out for a walk. I have a big squeezy cuddle with Becca until I am ready to run off and play.

Snack time is fun

Becca puts a plate of healthy snacks on the table, I find my picture and put it into the pot so that the grown-ups know that I have eaten. I take a big bite of my orange, it gets stuck in my lips like a smile which makes me laugh. I show my friend and we make funny faces together.

Out and about

When we go out for our walk I put on my coat and a yellow jacket that keeps me safe because it means the grown-ups can see me. A grown-up counts us and then we leave to walk to the shops. We buy flour, salt and food colouring to make playdough; I get to carry the flour because I have been good. We pay the lady in the shop with some pennies and then walk back to nursery where the messy fun begins.

Playdough smells yummy 

At first I don’t like the dough and don’t want to touch it. Then I see my friends try and they say it feels sticky and smells like bread, so I put my hands in and smell it - and it does smell like yummy bread! Then Becca tells me I shouldn’t eat it because it has a lot of salt in which would make my tummy sad, so I put it on the table and make holes in it with my fingers.

Once we have made some shapes with our playdough, we go to the bathroom and wash our hands. While I am in there, I sit on my potty for a couple of minutes; I like to use the potty which my mummy brought in from home.  Then I wash my hands and go to the small playroom for a story about a little bear who loves his mummy lots.

My favourite - roast dinner  

At lunchtime I look for my placemat with a picture of me on it and sit down with my friends, and the grown-ups, to have a drink and some food. Today it is roast dinner; I love roast dinner and eat it all up before I have my pudding of winter crumble cake. I get to choose if I would like milk or water; today I have milk but sometimes I like some nice cold water.

Once we have finished lunch we scrape any leftovers into the bin and put our plates on a table ready for a grown-up to wash them. After I have washed my face with a nice warm cloth, I go into the playroom to have a rest on a cushion. I listen to a story before my nanny and grandad come to pick me up.

Home time

When nanny and grandad arrive Becca tells them about all the fun I have had at nursery, about my walk to the shop and how I was a really good girl at using the potty. I take them into the other playroom to get my coat and bag from my peg and say goodbye to all my friends. I am glad I will see them again tomorrow!

What the parents say

“The staff are all friendly and caring and there is a safe, friendly and welcoming atmosphere at the nursery.”

Mr and Mrs Male

“Our 2 boys have been at Once Upon a Time since they were really young. The nursery has cared for them wonderfully from being babies to now getting ready for school. The early drop offs and ease of parking are a huge bonus for working parents too!!”

Mr and Mrs Hodgetts

“A wonderful friendly home from home environment. I’ve had 2 daughters at Once Upon a Time and they have both been happy every day. They have been there full time for 6 months and I could not have asked for a better place for them.”

R. Wistow